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Manassas VA Plumbing, Heating, And AC Repair

Air Conditioning Contractor in Alexandria

When you need a professional for air conditioner repair service or installation in Alexandria, VA, call J Hood Services at 571-719-6140.

Average highs in Alexandria reach 88 degrees in July and August, making a working air conditioner essential to deal with the summer heat. Our professional technicians at J Hood Services install, repair, and replace air conditioners in homes and businesses in and around Alexandria, VA.

Air Conditioning Service in Alexandria for Installation

We offer a full range of AC installation services to save money on your home or commercial cooling system. When you call us to install a new AC unit, an HVAC technician can help you compare AC systems to find the one that best suits your needs. Our new system installation services include:

  • Helping you choose the right air conditioning system to keep your house or business cool

  • Planning installation of your other air conditioning equipment, such as ducts, vents, and air return system

  • Calculating cost and explaining our financing options

  • Installing your new outdoor unit and indoor air handler

  • Calibrating and installing your new thermostat

  • Helping you schedule regular maintenance with one of our maintenance plans

You might also want to consider options besides central air conditioning. For example, if you’re planning an add-on for your house, installing a ductless mini-split system for your heating and cooling needs could be more affordable and efficient.

There are several options available for HVAC systems that can help keep you comfortable year-round. Many offer heating, air conditioning, and dehumidifying, all in the same system, ensuring you enjoy your indoor temperature and air quality no matter the season.

Air Conditioning Company in Alexandria for Repairs

If you’re having problems with your AC system, you can schedule a service call 24/7 for emergency repairs. Watch for the following signs you need repairs for your heating and cooling system:

  • Your energy costs are going up

  • You hear noises like clicking, banging, or grinding while your air conditioner is running

  • Your air conditioner won’t turn on, or your vents blow hot air when the AC unit is on

  • Your AC system isn’t keeping your whole house cool

  • You notice ice buildup around your outside AC unit

  • The air coming from your vents smells bad

How Do AC Repairs Work?

When one of our experienced technicians arrives to service your AC systems for air conditioning repair, they’ll inspect all the parts to determine whether any need replacement, including the:

  • Air filter

  • Fan motor

  • Evaporator coil

  • Condenser coil

  • Compressor

  • Refrigerant levels

  • Fuses

  • Power sources

Air Conditioning Technician in Alexandria for Replacement

If your air conditioner is at the end of its expected life or hasn’t been maintained properly, you may need to consider air conditioning replacement. When our technicians inspect air conditioning systems during service calls, they might tell you it’s time to consider a new air conditioner. But why would we recommend a whole new AC instead of a repair?

You might need an air conditioning replacement if:

  • Your AC has reached the end of its expected life (about 15 years for most central air conditioning systems)

  • Your heating and cooling system is no longer efficient and needs an upgrade

  • You need frequent repair service for your cooling and heating system

  • Your heating, air conditioning, or dehumidifying functions aren’t as effective as they used to be

Call us today for air conditioning services to learn whether you need repairs or a complete replacement.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans in Alexandria, VA

We offer annual and semi-annual maintenance plans. One of our technicians will perform a full inspection and replace any malfunctioning parts. They will also change the air filter, recharge the refrigerant, lubricate moving parts, clean the coils, and catch any problems early.

Contact Us Today for Experienced Air Conditioning Services in Northern Virginia

If your heating, air conditioning, or indoor air quality systems aren’t working as expected, turn to the professional technicians at J Hood Services in Alexandria, VA. We’ve served our community with expert HVAC installation, 24/7 emergency repairs, and regular maintenance since 2006. Call us at 571-719-6140 or contact us online to schedule a service call.



At J Hood Services, we have partnered with the industry's top suppliers to provide various financing options for our customers.


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