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Heat Pump Contractor in Alexandria

J Hood Services is your complete solution for heat pump services in Alexandria, VA. Don't wait — call now for a free quote from our team!

Have you considered the benefits of switching your home's HVAC system to a heat pump? The warm, muggy summers and chilly winters of Alexandria are the ideal climates for heat pumps, which move ambient thermal energy in and out of your home to heat and cool it while saving energy. Yes, that's right — one system takes care of all your home's heating and cooling needs. Interested in learning more? Call J Hood Services, the top-rated heat pump contractor in Alexandria, VA, and request a free, no-obligation estimate.

Enjoy Clean, Green Energy with a New Heat Pump System

A traditional HVAC system consists of two separate units to heat and cool your home, which are almost always powered by fossil fuels. Heat pump systems are a wonderful alternative to gas furnaces, oil boilers, and the like, offering many benefits for your home in Alexandria.

A heat pump system consists of a single outdoor unit that absorbs heat from the surrounding environment. A geothermal heat pump uses the ground as a heat source, whereas an air-source heat pump gets it directly from the air. That thermal energy goes into a compressor to change the temperature higher or lower based on the thermostat setting. It then transfers the air into your home, offering heating and cooling in one system.

Heat pumps are basically an air conditioner that works in reverse to offer both heating and cooling for your home. Installing a heat pump can improve your home's energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption, eliminating the need for two separate HVAC systems and expensive ductwork installation.

Comprehensive Heat Pump Services from the HVAC Experts

We're proud to service Alexandria as a leading HVAC company offering heat pump repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint with a New Heat Pump Installation

Did you know that having a heat pump installed can help you save money on your monthly utility bills? The system transfers heat instead of generating it completely, so it offers outstanding energy efficiency, particularly compared to a traditional HVAC heating system. Our technicians perform heat pump installation in Alexandria, VA, for ground- and air-source systems.

Alexandria's Preferred Contractor for Heat Pump Repair Service

Fluctuating temperatures are a common sign of a malfunctioning heat pump, but that's not all. You may notice issues like:

  • Rising electricity bills

  • Poor airflow quality

  • Abnormal noises (grinding, hissing, squealing)

  • Inadequate heat transfer

  • Cold spots in your home

  • Strange smells

If you experience any of these signs, it could indicate problems with the indoor coil or outdoor coil, a clogged air filter, a broken air handler, faulty electrical connections, or more. Our team offers affordable heat pump repair in Alexandria, VA, and Northern Virginia, including emergency service that's available 24/7.

Schedule Regular Heat Pump Service to Boost Your System's Efficiency

Heat pumps require proper maintenance to ensure optimal performance and system efficiency. Just like other HVAC systems, regular service can extend the lifespan of your heat pump. We recommend annual inspections and tune-ups, which can prevent issues like clogged air filters and inadequate airflow. Having our professionals perform routine heat pump maintenance increases your energy savings by keeping your system in top working condition.

We Provide Fast and Affordable Heat Pump Replacement in Alexandria

When it's time for a heat pump replacement, the J Hood Services team has you covered. Replacing your old unit may seem like a significant investment, and it is. However, the long-term benefits you can gain as a homeowner are very much worth the initial cost of replacement. We'll come to your home and explain all about the different brands of heat pumps and how they work. Our technicians will evaluate your unique needs to determine which kind of heat pump will work best for your home.

Alexandria's #1 HVAC Company | J Hood Services

For over 25 years, J Hood Services has provided Alexandria with reliable and affordable heat pump service. Out HVAC technicians have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to handle virtually any job you need, whether heat pump repairs, installation, replacement, or maintenance.

Call J Hood Services at 571-719-6140 to speak with our team and schedule a free quote from the best heat pump contractor in Alexandria, VA.



At J Hood Services, we have partnered with the industry's top suppliers to provide various financing options for our customers.


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