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Manassas VA Plumbing, Heating, And AC Repair

Furnace Repair in Manassas

For fast and friendly furnace service in Manassas, call us at 571-719-6140.

When your furnace stops heating air during the cold winter months, it doesn't take long for your home to become uncomfortably chilly. A malfunctioning furnace isn't just inconvenient, though. The lack of heated air can also be dangerous for small kids, elderly loved ones, and pets.

For professional furnace repair services in Manassas, call J Hood Services at 571-719-6140 today! We'll fix your furnace so your home feels warm and cozy again.

Comprehensive Furnace Repair Services

Whether you have a natural gas furnace or an electric furnace, J Hood Services can help!

Gas Furnace Repair
Gas furnaces heat your home efficiently and reliably, but they can run into a few problems during their 15- to 20-year lifespans.

Gas Furnace Problems We Fix
Gas valves commonly fail over time. If a gas valve fails, fuel can leak into your home's air. This is very dangerous because just one spark can cause a fire. If you smell gas, exit your home immediately and call us for help right away.

If you turn on your furnace, but all it does is blow cold air, check to see if you've lit the pilot light. If the pilot light is lit, but your home still has no heat, it could indicate a problem with the heat exchanger or gas line.
Debris or tree roots could be blocking your home's gas line, so contact us for furnace service as soon as possible.

Electric Furnace Repair
Electric furnaces usually run for years with few issues but wear and tear on the parts, wiring issues, and mechanical failures can lead to inefficient performance — or a lack of heat entirely. 

Electric Furnace Problems We Fix
A malfunctioning electric furnace blower may use too much power and potentially blow a fuse. The blower can also stop working if you haven't cleaned the furnace filter recently. Furnace vibrations can loosen electric wires, causing them to short out.


Your electric furnace components can also short out if the unit comes into contact with water.  If you spot any of these problems, call our furnace technicians for help.

When Is It Time to Call the Professionals for Furnace Repairs?

Call J Hood Services to have your furnace serviced if you notice any of the following signs of a broken furnace:

  • Your furnace seems to run constantly

  • You can't turn your furnace on

  • Your furnace blows cold air instead of hot air

  • Your furnace makes unusual noises

  • Your pilot light looks discolored

  • The air around your furnace smells bad, and the odor doesn't fade with time

  • Your carbon monoxide detector goes off

No matter what's wrong, we'll order replacement parts and have your unit working like a new furnace again.

Routine Furnace Maintenance Prevents Costly Issues

Regular maintenance keeps your home's furnace running in top condition all year. With regular furnace service, you'll spend less money performing repairs later.

During heating system maintenance, we clean and replace air filters. We also inspect the flame sensor and heat exchanger.

Your furnace could run inefficiently and cost you a fortune in monthly heating bills. Call us for maintenance and see how we can help you lower your energy bills!

When to Consider Furnace Replacement in Manassas

Has your furnace stopped heating air? When heating systems reach the end of their life, it may be better to replace the system.

If you're interested in energy efficiency, we may recommend a new gas furnace. Electric furnaces typically run more frequently than gas ones do, so you can save money and keep your home warmer with a gas line hookup.

But electric furnaces have their benefits. If you're concerned about upfront costs, electric furnaces are generally cheaper to buy and install than gas units.

For the ultimate eco-friendly option, we suggest heat pumps. A heat pump extracts warmth from the surrounding air, ground, and water to reduce electricity usage by about 50%.

Call Us for the Best Furnace Services in Manassas

If your furnace produces unusual smells, blows cold air, or doesn't run at all, contact J Hood Services for efficient repairs to identify the root cause and fix it long-term. We also offer reliable furnace maintenance and furnace installation in Manassas.


To schedule furnace repair services with J Hood Services, your trusted furnace contractor in Manassas, call 571-719-6140.



At J Hood Services, we have partnered with the industry's top suppliers to provide various financing options for our customers.


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