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Humidifier Service in Manassas

Tired of living with dry air? Call us at 571-719-6140 to learn more about humidifier installation and our other humidifier services today.

Do you commonly wake up with a sore, scratchy throat and irritated nasal passages during the winter months? Are you struggling with dry skin or itchy skin that you can’t soothe no matter how much lotion you apply? If so, whole-home humidifiers could be perfect for you!

While excess humidity in the air can lead to bacteria and mold buildup, very dry air and low humidity can make your home quite uncomfortable. A whole-home humidifier improves your home’s air quality and indoor humidity so you feel more comfortable all year long.

J Hood Services offers professional whole-house humidifier installation services. We also offer humidifier repair services and maintenance services. Call us at 571-719-6140 to schedule humidifier service today.

Prevent Uncomfortably Dry Air with Humidifier Installation in Manassas

If your home’s humidity levels are too low in the winter, you could suffer from irritated skin, dry eyes, and a sore throat. Humidifiers can resolve dry air and low humidity by releasing soothing water vapor into the air.

Choose From a Wide Range of Whole-House Humidifiers

At J Hood Services, we offer a variety of whole-home humidifiers to resolve your indoor air problems:

  • Evaporative humidifiers: An evaporative whole-house humidifier features a water-soaked wick and a fan that blows air over the wick. This action evaporates water and releases it into the air.

  • Moisture pad humidifiers: This type of humidifier includes a moisture pad that releases moist air through your home’s ducts when warm furnace air blows over it.

  • Drum humidifiers: A drum humidifier features a rotating evaporating pad that disperses humidity throughout the air.

  • Vaporizers: Vaporizers work by boiling water and turning moisture into steam. This steam adds just enough humidity to make your home feel comfortable and boost indoor air quality.

Stand-alone humidifiers: If your home’s ductwork can’t support a whole-home humidifier, we may suggest stand-alone units to improve indoor air quality.

Trusted Humidifier Repair in Manassas

If your humidifier has stopped working, any number of problems could be the culprit. Sometimes, you may not have opened the bypass damper or water valve. If you have a rotating drum humidifier, the water level could be too low. It’s also possible that you didn’t turn up the humidistat high enough. Maybe the humidifier simply isn’t plugged in.

A malfunctioning whole-home humidifier could also indicate a more serious problem that requires professional humidifier services. Humidifiers will stop working if the wiring or motor fails.

If you suspect such a problem, don’t try to fix it yourself. Call J Hood Services to repair your humidifier for you.

We can fix bad solenoid valves and floats that don’t work properly. During our inspection, we also check for clogged water valves and water pads.

It’s possible that nothing is mechanically wrong with your humidifier. If your installation technician installed the humidifier pad backwards, your unit won’t work. We can correct this issue and have your humidifier running like it’s supposed to in no time.

When to Call Us for Repair

Call us for humidifier repair if you notice these problems:

  • Your unit no longer releases humid air into your home.

  • The humidifier won’t turn on or runs excessively.

  • You hear weird noises coming from the unit.

  • The humidifier smells odd when it runs.

We also offer humidifier replacement in Manassas. Just ask us which type of humidifier is right for you.

Keep Your Unit Running Smoothly with Humidifier Maintenance in Manassas

Like all other types of HVAC units, humidifiers require regular maintenance. Over time, the water in a humidifier can become stagnant, which can lead to mold growth.

Mold can irritate your upper respiratory system and even trigger allergic reactions in some people. Our humidifier service team will thoroughly clean your system to remove mold and mildew buildup.

The evaporator pads in your unit can also harden due to sediment buildup, so we suggest replacing them each year.

Call J Hood Services for Trusted, Local Humidifier Services

If you’re tired of dealing with dry air, itchy skin, and a sore throat during the winter, let J Hood Services help with our whole-house humidifier installation services!

Call us at 571-719-6140 to schedule humidifier services and humidifier repairs today.



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