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Manassas VA Plumbing, Heating, And AC Repair

Water Heater Service in Manassas

Has your water heater stopped working? Call us at 571-719-6140 to schedule water heater service today.

You rely on your home’s water heater to take hot showers, wash dishes, do laundry, and so much more. You may not pay much attention to this essential appliance, but when it stops working, all you can think about is how fast you can fix it.

With our water heater services, you don’t need to go without hot water for another day! We offer fast and reliable water heater repair in Manassas. Our team provides a 24/7 response time for water heater repair services.

If you’re interested in purchasing a new water heater, we also offer installation and replacement services. Call J Hood Services at 571-719-6140 to book service with a trusted local plumber from our team!

We Repair Water Heaters Throughout Manassas

Your home’s hot water heater may run for several years without a problem. But around the five-year mark, you might notice that your water heater isn’t heating water very well anymore.

Whatever the problem is, we can identify and fix it!

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

If you notice issues like, it’s time for you to call the professionals for water heater repair:

  • No hot water: We frequently receive calls about poor water temperature and a lack of hot water supply. If your water is cold, the thermostat or heating element could be to blame.

  • Inconsistent hot water: If the water feels lukewarm, your water heater might not be large enough for your home. Contact us for water heater replacement in Manassas to upgrade your gas water heater or electric water heater to a properly sized unit.

  • Discolored water: If your water has a rusty color, this indicates a failing anode rod. We usually recommend water heater replacement if the anode rod has started to fail.

  • Leaks: If you spot a leak or water damage, this could indicate a plumbing problem we need to repair, such as excess pressure or a bad temperature and pressure relief valve. The water heater tank may be leaking, or you may have a leak in a nearby plumbing connection.

  • Strange noises: Is your tank making popping noises or a rumbling noise when it runs? Steam bubbles can cause noise, but you might also hear noises when excess sediment builds up in the tank. We can usually fix a noisy water heater by flushing sediment from it. If sediment levels are excessive, we might recommend replacing the old unit.

Need a New Unit? We Offer Water Heater Installation in Manassas

Even if your old water heater works just fine, you can take advantage of the energy efficiency modern water heaters offer. Today’s water heaters can save you hundreds of dollars per year on your bills.

We’ll Help You Choose the Best Water Heater for Your Home

We offer expert advice when it comes to picking the right water heater for you. We offer several types of water heaters for you to choose from, including:

  • Tankless water heaters: With a tankless water heater, the water doesn’t sit stagnant in the tank waiting for you to use it. Tankless water heaters generate hot water on demand. We can install tankless gas water heaters and tankless electric water heaters.

  • Solar water heaters: If you’re looking for a highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly water heater, solar water heaters could be perfect for you. Solar water heaters use the sun’s rays to power the heating element. With a solar unit, you could cut your utility bills by up to 18%.

  • Conventional tank water heaters: A tank hot water heater uses electricity, propane, natural gas, or another fuel to heat your water. They’re less economical than tankless heaters because you pay to heat water whether you need it or not. However, tank water heaters can be cheaper to buy and install.

Regular Maintenance Can Extend Your Water Heater’s Lifespan

We recommend calling us to perform maintenance on your water heater annually. Regular water heater maintenance includes draining sediment and checking your plumbing system for potential issues.

Call Manassas’ Trusted Team for Water Heater Services

If your water heater has quit on you or you’d like to upgrade to an energy-efficient tankless model, call the pros at J Hood Services!

Call 571-719-6140 to book an appointment for water heater services or water heater repairs now.



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